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About Us

ICORD Capital is a real-money investment club run by students worldwide. With a US$80K multi-asset portfolio integrated with ESG considerations, our team consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students from prestigious universities across the globe, including the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore, united by a genuine passion for the industry.

Our Mission

We seek to provide students from diverse universities with invaluable hands-on experience in financial markets, investment analysis, portfolio management, and risk management while simultaneously generating a positive financial return. We firmly believe that by combining these two objectives, we can cultivate a new generation of finance professionals who are well-versed in theoretical concepts and possess the practical skills necessary to excel in their careers.


Our mission extends beyond merely financial gain. We are committed to making meaningful social impacts and reducing the knowledge gap in financial markets by creating engaging resources to enlighten and empower students. In addition, our portfolio also emphasises the importance of ethical practices and responsible investing. By promoting sustainable investment strategies and raising awareness of ESG factors, we strive to foster a culture of responsible finance among the next generation of financial leaders.

Investment Philosophy

It is built on three key principles: dynamic portfolio management rather than a passive approach; prioritising investments that are easy to understand; and data-driven decision-making to avoid biases. We actively monitor market conditions and invest in companies with clear business models. Our decisions are always informed by an industry deep dive as well as fundamental analysis.

Our company adopts a two-pronged investment strategy to form a multi-asset portfolio: Macro Investing and Value Investing. In our macro approach, we consider broad economic factors such as geopolitical shifts, economic indicators, and industry trends to select companies that can weather macroeconomic fluctuations. We believe these elements play a crucial role in shaping a company's performance. Concurrently, our value investing strategy identifies firms with robust fundamentals, such as sound financial health, competent management, strong competitive positioning, and promising earnings growth, investing in those undervalued in the market.


Our Values


We strongly believe in honesty and transparency. By doing so, we are utterly engaged in investing responsibly and strengthening our credibility within the industry. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest professionalism by following legal and regulatory requirements to perpetuate trust between our stakeholders.

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